Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Fairies Letter Part 2

Well, I've come to the conclusion that the little girl receiving these monograms, is a fairy indeed...a true Kindred Spirit, full of innocence & joy... You've seen the C for the first letter in her is the next letter ~ A ~ I'm currently working on a ~ T ~. & of course working into it another little fairy...I want it to be real magical for her. I can't wait to see the project in it's completion... in the meantime, I'm simply enjoying seeing it all come together for the little girl.

A 5_edited-1

They are all 11 X 14 & I wish I had a scanner, because taking a picture of this piece truly does it no justice :/


  1. You're always a delight to visit.Enchanting!

  2. Oh joanna ...yet another magical piece...what a joyxxx

  3. So beautiful and delicate. I love your placement of colour as well.

    You did ask me what scanner I use, it is an Epson, a middle of the range one, so not expensive and the colours are very true to the originals. I also have an Epson colour printer. I feel that by using both the same manufacturer the colours don't vary between the two pieces of equipment.

  4. magically gorgeous!
    such a lucky little fairy girl 'c''a''t' is!
    I so enjoy looking at your art!

  5. This is so lovely Joanna! like Mandy says, Magical!