Monday, June 11, 2012


Meet "Grace". I've done other pieces since "I Feel You", & will get to blogging about them, I've found a moment to breathe right now & figured I would share my newest favorite!! I'm excited to share her, I recently told someone, that I rarely know what my pieces will look like once I start them. For example with her, I knew her hair would be red & the moment the brush hit the paper, I knew her hair would be in this style. Her face came last, and it wasn't until she was nearly competed that I knew her name would be "Grace". So here you have her.


I had an art fair this past weekend that I would love to share as well... this was only my second art fair that I've done, & it's because it's nice and close to home & the kiddies came along for the day! Those pics have yet to be uploaded, so till next time!

Keep creating! xo