Monday, September 26, 2011


Well, I've been going back & forth between her & some newer works, & think I've finally finished this one.  I've called her "Patience".    She simply strikes me as a girl who's waiting...waiting for something unattainable perhaps... something she may only attain in her dreams. & I'm afraid she's just come this realization....

Patience final watermark

Friday, September 23, 2011

For My Blogging Friends!

I know I've mentioned it before, but I just wanted to throw it out there again for all of my lovely wonderful followers... ALL in my shop will be 15% off...the code is:  KINDREDSPIRITS1

Love you all...have a fabulously creative & artsy day!! xoox

Monday, September 19, 2011

"A Simple Girl"

I've finished this piece a few weeks ago and have completely forgotten about her! I even photographed it, yet didn't blog about her...oh well, no better time than the present.  Here she is "A Simple Girl" just a little sketch smaller than what I'm used to...she measures about 5 X 5 on 11 X 14 paper.

Simple Girl

I've been in the throes of drawing, & there's no better feeling than finishing a piece, then getting to start, fresh, all over with that said, I've got 2 other pieces that I'm currently working on. Hopefully, they won't get overlooked at completion as my simple girl.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Monogram For a Sweet Girl :)

I've ventured to do some monograms in the past...but was recently asked to do one for my good friend's little girl... She is one of my daughter's friends from Pre-school and is truly an angel. Here is her monogram, pleased with it's completion. However even more pleased to find out that Maddie's little friend was beside herself with joy once seeing it! What more could I ask for?


I usually don't work with colour...but what the heck it was just one of those things... after drawing the little butterfly, it was just calling out to be coloured in yellow!!!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Time Well Spent

Well, we encountered a bit of a hurricane this past weekend ;) I'm thanking my blessings that we didn't get hit that hard... the worst of it all for us, was that we lost power for a bit & our phone, cable & internet for about a week. With this said, I had no problem filling my time with drawing. Darling husband on the other hand didn't fare too well...he missed a football game, & other things... I joked & told him to take up drawing or read a book or something.... of course video games won out.

 I sketched her mostly Saturday, & Sunday during Irene. I haven't decided on a name yet, I'm thinking *Believe* just because she strikes me as a girl who believes in herself.