Sunday, January 13, 2013

Is Coffee a Medium?

Just one of the many questions I often ask myself in regards to my art, still feeling like a person who is "impersonating" an artist. I only started using watercolors within the past few years... So the idea of picking up a paint brush at all is still very foreign to me. 

It was my first piece here "Imagine" where I incorporated the greens using watercolor. After finishing her I was left feeling like she needed something else... My thoughts were to incorporate some subtle browns... Having no brown watercolors, I started to think "aha, tea staining, I've heard of that before". Long story short, there were no tea bags in the house either... & being in the moment of creating brewed a cup of coffee & well here you have it. My first pieces using "coffee staining" so whether or not it is an appropriate *art medium*, here I sit still pondering that question...


This was my second attempt... wanting to use more... so, meet my newest favorite piece. She doesn't have a name.... To my surprise she sold less than a day after completing her & listing her in my shop. So now I look at her on my screen thinking... "You weren't mine to begin with... that's why I didn't name you"


Thanks for looking. I really need to blog more! As in all of my recent posts... there just simply isn't enough time in a day!

Wishing all a very magical New Year :)