Thursday, March 22, 2012


I wish you all could have seen the drawing in it's original state, I'm afraid the scan just doesn't do this piece any justice... This was a commission, if you recall my piece called "Heartbroken". A most wonderful person fell in love with her, but wanted me to create a very special piece similar that they could call their very own.... So, here I've created "Surrender". She's tried to be brave, but the pain & sorrow was just too much to bear. All she could do is succumb to the agony & surrender all of her emotions. She is captured in that very moment for all time.


Friday, March 9, 2012

Summer ~

I am so incredibly excited to introduce to you my "Summer" ! I have to say I've had favorites before (I know I say that with every new piece) But seriously... I love love love her! :) I still can't believe that I'm using color, tons of it & she's a stunning 11" X 15" .

summer watermark

Again, I've been sooo busy! I barely have a moment to come on here & talk about her. I've since been working a two amazing commissions... so as soon as they are complete perhaps I'll have some time to come on here & see what every one's been up to!

Oh, I've named her "Summer" because when I look at her I see an ocean breeze, I think of running barefoot in the grass on a hot summer day... let the air of her whisk you off through the clouds towards the sun... I wish I was better with words, but she warms my heart, as the sun does, on a summer day with not a care in the world...

Cheers ! xoxo