Monday, September 24, 2012

What's New?

So much going on...(sounds weird saying that just now, it's such a bad habit of mine, that when ever anyone asks "what's new?", my response is always "nothing").  I've never liked talking about myself, my shyness I suppose, or perhaps the people pleaser in me that constantly wants to make other people feel important. It's weird coming on here, something about typing I suppose is freeing, I feel like I could say what ever is on my mind.  The kids are back in school now & I have time now to draw, which is funny because I've been working non stop through the summer.  It's not the same though, I like to throw myself 100% into my art, & it's it bit hard to do when you've got little ones around needing your attention. Mixed emotions though, because now here I am talking about them, miss them terribly!

I don't know where to start... Here is "My Protector"... He's just got those eyes that tell me he'll always be there looking over me. (I really need to start framing my work and actually get it up on the walls, so many pieces I'm afraid are starting to pile up around the house, I think they deserve more).


Here is a piece that I did for a lovely women who rescues Cocker Spaniels... The names below represent the three pups that really have touched her life, & are angels to her.

img166 centered-001

& Here is my "Little Braveheart"... be brave little one, she represents the little voice inside my head that picks me up when I am down.


Thanks for looking... till next time... hugs & kisses...