Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Teddy Bear

I have to start off by saying that my art work has never made it to a picture frame before, it's only recently that I framed "Dreamer" & a print of *Innocence* (I never felt my stuff was ever anywhere near *frame worthy* ....Well, I came home yesterday with some frames for a few new pieces... & I'm going on about which one should go where, and here she is, Maddie,  looking up at me with those eyes, and says "Mommy I wish we could put Love Bud in there." How could I say no to that?  We cropped him a bit,  she added her own little tittle at the top of the picture & there you have it...we'll hang him up in her room, for hopefully as long she'll have him.... such precious years, where her whole world is wrapped up into just one little Teddy bear. I swear she sat there looking at that picture as if he were real.  What a true Kindred Spirit I have in my little 5 year old daughter.


Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Here she is in completion...looking up at whomever, will have the undoubtedly *Faith* that she will have her unwavering love  forever.  It's that innocence & just pure love that I wanted her to possess.  It's in those eyes, those oh so loving eyes.