Friday, August 26, 2011

New Banner...


I really love the way this looks, although it may be a tad dark? Also, I hate that etsy's dimensions are so tight, squishing & distorting how it should appear :/ Anyway this is what I created this morning, I think my shop needed a new face lift  :)

Oh & I'll be blogging about her soon too, just need to upload my shots of the entire piece...

edit...ok blog header needed an update as well :D

Monday, August 22, 2011

Love at First Sight

Some pieces I create it's not always love at first sight, requiring a ton of work until I'm finally satisfied with the outcome... This one however I have to admit, that I fell in love with the moment her face took form on paper.  The expression, the detail, there's just something about her look that I simply *love*.  I'm however stumped with what name I'll yet give her.  & although she's still not complete yet, I coulnd't help but want to share her...

047 047 cropped

Sunday, August 21, 2011


She's simply besides herself with grief, with nothing to do but cry....I believe she's suffering from a loss, not really sure who has left her forever, I suppose one can only imagine...


Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Work in Progress...

Well, darling husband went away this weekend for a short bike trip down to VA with some friends...& of all weekends for heavens sake, it's been poring rain out all day today for his trip home...but anyway, back to my post, with him away, it gave me a ton of time to start on a new project... I spend a few hours during the day yesterday, but mostly last night after the kiddies were tucked into bed.  Here's the beginnings of just another girl, a pose that I've been wanting to render.  Still so much to do, & so much to learn, as I'm seeing it on screen I'm already noticing some things that need to be adjusted!


August 15th


lengthened her arm....went back and forth with how her hair should look, but here 's an update this morning 8/16 :)

8/19  Getting there;  after struggling with how her hair should's where I'm at...


Thursday, August 11, 2011


Halloween came early for me! I had this awesome challenge given the choice of of Mr. Adams, Frankenstein & Lurch...then Morticia was offered & couldn't pass up the challenge.  & what a challenge it was, I absolutely stink at portraits, they simply just never seem to come out looking like they should.  Needless to say this was amazing practice & I'm really pleased with the way Mr. Bat came out... So here she is after a week worth of being in the throes of sketching!


& after being told, please no butterflies, this is Mortica now... well, this is when Mr. Bat came to mind. Ironically enough, after my attempts of adding the bat to keep this piece as scary as can be... I ask Maddie, well, what do you think? Her reply was, "awww, I love the bat, he's so fluffy!" lol.

133 cropped

Monday, August 8, 2011

The Summer of Colour! ~Show & Tell~

What a colourful summer this has been, thank you so much to Kristin for hosting such an amazingly inspiring challenge! I've *met* so many wonderful & talented people through this challenge & am looking forward to continue following you all on you artsy ventures!!

Here's a snapshot of all my works this summer...I have to admit, I'm sorry to see it come to an end... at the start I was so apprehensive because, well working with colour just has never been my strong suit, so I'm quite pleased that I was able to complete each weekly challenge!

Summer of colour!_edited-1

Week one ~blue~ is a perfect example, here is an old drawing that I coloured using photoshop...(not quite ready to tackle colouring quite yet....week two ~green~ well, here I used some water colour pencils to fill in the leaves & flowers on my *Wall Flower*.  By week three ~pink~ I went on a limb and bought a set of coloured pencils & created *All Dressed Up & no Where to Go.*  Wow, yellow, I thought for sure I'd be skipping since this was the week we took our yearly vacation to Busch Gardens VA.  Well, sure enough I stumbled upon a pic of Maddie w/ her face painting...& was able to pull off my *Little Tiger* :)  Week five ~Brown~ well, right away when I heard this colour I knew it just had to be *Brown Eyed Girl*  really, for the first time working with water colours... Water colours once again with my purple Unicorn.  *Lady in Red* was the obvious choice for me, using coloured pencils....& last but not least my *Little Fairy* once again being inspired by my Maddie...what a better way to end the summer than to make her into the little fairy that I know she already is ;)

What a wonderful way to celebrate summer, than to celebrate it with colour!!!

Thanks again Kristin...I'll be sure to continue you on your journey full of colour & art!!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

"Take Me Away"

Well, here she is, upon completion...

take me away watermark no1

...."I started with the eyes, then worked around them, the hair just flowed & the flowers sort of blossomed all on their own. The butterflies however appeared once seeing how much pain she was in, & realized that she needed someone to help *take her away*, the butterflies came. What journey will she take with them, one can only imagine..."

& I just finished listing her in my shop as well :)


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

"Take Me Away"

Well, she's a work in progress & still needs a bit of finishing.  She needs to be darkened & the eyes need some anyway, I've been creating her what seems like all summer long.  I started with the eyes, then worked around them, the hair just flowed & the flowers sort of blossomed all on their own.  The butterflies however appeared once seeing how much pain she was in, & realized that she needed someone to help *take her away*, the butterflies came.  What journey will she take with them, one can only imagine...

Take Me Away_edited-1

I'll post her again of course, once I feel like she's completed; give or take an hour, a day, a week or so...

Monday, August 1, 2011

Summer of Colour ~ Orange ~

Yet again, my muse came through for me!


& turned her into a little fairy...

Little Fairy know she is a little fairy at heart, so it didn't take long after I started sketching that she grew her wings :) & coloured them orange using a bit of water colours... I'm going to be sad seeing the *summer of colour* come to an end... I've used more colour this summer, than ever before!

I'm looking forward to seeing what beautiful works of orange everyone has created!