Friday, January 10, 2014

"You Can't Get In".

I just finished her... She's titled "You Can't Get In". I used graphite pencils and coffee staining for this piece & she's 11" x 14".

She feels so emotionally vulnerable... so much so that she can only feel comfort in her own solitude. Letting anyone "in" will just be too tragic.


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

My artwork on a phone case!

I've recently acquired a new phone, after having the first Samsung Galaxy, I thought it was time to upgrade to the S4 (not so recently, actually a few months ago, lol). I've been holding out for a case, and of course darling husband has been on my case (no pun intended) because I'm so incredibly clumsy I'm bound to drop it sooner or later.

Long story short, I made one :D I've wanted to make one using "Permission to Cry"... she's one of my personal favorites... so, here she is, as a phone case... can't wait to get it!! I'll be sure to take some pics of it when it arrives :)

phone case pic 5

Saturday, January 4, 2014

A page from my Sketchbook

New year, new sketchbook.... this is the second sketch from my new book that Santa brought me :) I've called her "A Familiar Face". I added just a touch of color for her flowers using colored pencils.

I'll share another few pieces that are works in progress in days to come... My new years resolution is to update my blog more often, lol, we'll see how that goes ;)

043 a familiar face cropped