Monday, February 16, 2015

Reflections of Time Gone By

I honestly feel like a broken record "where has the time gone?" 2014 for me has been the year of commissions. I have been so busy with portraits and custom artwork that I'm afraid I've only got a few original pieces to show for 2014. This has been a first for me... there is nothing more that I love than staring at a blank piece of paper and waiting to see what will come to life. I've had that luxury a few times over the course of the year. This piece although was a commission I had free reign... "A girl with sunflowers" was the only requirement... this was the outcome. img005 new-001 This piece I finally finished last month.. she was a piece started back in the Spring of 2014.. I didn't want to rush to finish her, she needed my undivided attention. She's my favorite from the year by far.... she's called "Without Wings". img411-001
img418Last but not least... here is a piece I sketched recently... I wish I had more time, I could draw pieces like this all day long. So much to talk about but so little words come to mind. I wish I was better with words on paper as I was with pictures.