Saturday, July 7, 2012

Fine Arts Festival 2012

Well, the day had come & God blessed us with beautiful weather!! I'm so lucky because this fair is local.. I've never traveled to do fairs before. Well, this was my second year at this one & what a marvelous day it was! Last year it rained all day, bleck!

So, here are some pics from the big day... I'm afraid most of the pics are of the crazy kiddoes and not so much of my art. 





It wasn't till after uploading these that I reallized that I didn't have a shot of the whole tent. To the right of "Grace" on the opposite side, sat "Summer". They looked so nice at the entrance... & to my surprise "Summer" made it to the winner's circle & got an Honorable Mention! I can't even tell you how incredibly excited I was! If anyone know's me... I don't have to go into how *insecure* I am, especially when it comes to my art. AND especially anyone who remembers that I barely even dabbled into colors at all, not since "The Summer of Color" over at Kristin's last year.


So, all in all, it was really a lovely day, my mom & sister stopped by for support. I couldn't ask for a better day. Darling daughter kept referring the day to as it being "mommy's special day" :)

Now... I must move along and blog about some of my new art!! Yikes, never enough time in the day!! xo


  1. You have a beautiful daughter. And I think many of your drawings look like her! Yep, can't wait to see you blog about your art.

  2. great shots...nice place to have a fair..i can't believe you are insecure about your art...seriously you are so talented it blows my deserve to be huge in the art world....i have never seen work as beautiful as yours in drawing...anyhoos...your daughter is a sweetie too...hope the day was a huge success for

  3. it sounds as though you had a wonderful time. Grace is lovely as can be. I loved reading (in the post below) how she came to be.

  4. ...greetings dear kindred! ~ it is sO wonderful that the universe can show yoU! ~ how awesome your art really is! ~ congratulations! ~ and may thee blessed be!...

  5. you have no reason at all to be insecure about your art, you are truly talented and amazing. All of your drawings are unique and quite exquisite. I am always absolutely in awe of everything you create. It is so magnificent. Hooray for being chosen and for putting yourself out there. Yay! so excited for you.

  6. oh, how very exciting!!! You deserve this!!!