Friday, March 4, 2011

Who, What, Where, How?

These are the questions, that have been going round & round my head this past month...I just opened up my Etsy shop & am quickly learning how hard it is to share my work.  It's finding out who to share with first of all, what pieces to share, where to link up, & of course how I go about doing all of this...

I just am currently feeling like "A Bit of Whimsy" is a teeny tiny needle in a haystack amongst soooo many amazing shops in the world of Etsy.  So here's how I need to get creative...I've already shared the news to all of my friends of family.  Which in kind of a way was the hardest part of all of this.  It's still so surreal to me, that I've even taken this leap of faith.  So what's next... draw draw & draw, it's what I love to do, what ever happens next, well, I'll just have to wait & see.

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  1. I wonder how people get success on Etsy too. I am thinking you need to get a huge following and then advertise from there. I guess you would have to register your blog or something, although I don't know anything about that! I do know I read some mom blogs, that are pretty great, and they have a ginormous following, and then advertise when they are loading up their shop, and they sell out right away. It is amazing. Over my head, for sure!

    Good luck. Your drawings are gorgeous, and I am really excited to share them with my oldest. She draws also, and is very good!

    I wish I could support everyone's work...someday I hope!