Thursday, March 24, 2011

"Love Bud"

A name only a 5 year old little girl could love. This is her teddy bear that she's been  so attached to ever since Valentines Day of last year. I think he was first just Rose, but that didn't work, then it was Rose Bud, that didn't work either. Quickly he became her *Love Bud*, whom she sleeps with every night and goes practically every where she does. That's of course when *Blankie* isn't around. & yes that's "his" name, not just a blankie, but Blankie the person. Like I said, a name only a 5 year old little girl could love.


So I drew this up for her while she was away at school yesterday. As she exclaimed "Thank you Mommy...Thank you Love Bud!!!"


  1. Very sweet! That will be one of her treasures forever!
    xo Cathy

  2. Very sweet! My entry was the teddy bear, too. Nice work!

  3. What a sweet little story! Thank you for stopping by and saying Hi!

  4. "Love Bud" ~ I think it's perfect! Five year olds are so smart. :)