Friday, January 14, 2011


I've always had a passion for sketching all things pretty...& now, I think I'd like to share my art work.  I've always been so private when it came to my drawings, never really ever wanting to show it to anyone.  Well, except for darling husband, Jason & Maddie who always have kind things to say. 

Maybe I'm just afraid of what people may think...especially because I never went to any art schools, except for the average art class in high school I never had any training...often wondering if I even know what the heck I'm doing.  I'm sure there's so much that I could learn, I've always wanted to learn for example the proper ways of drawing the human body, face etc...

But needless to say, I've always loved loved loved to draw, especially precious things like flowers, fairies, & most recently my Maddie...I'm just so drawn to her innocence & her pure beauty, I just can't help but want to sketch her.  (I've already got a photography hobby/obsession, she's my muse) I remember being a kid & always wanting to sketch princesses from my story books, or cute animals or even flowers from greeting cards.  All I know is that I've not always wanted to sketch, I've gone years inbetween not drawing anything...but I do beleive that my love to sketch is within me & will always be there. 

I feel there's a bit of Whimsy & Magic in all of us...I truly feel blessed with the ability to transfer these feelings onto paper.


Here's my most recent completed piece.

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  1. I went browsing through your older post to get to know you better.It's hard to understand for me how talented in drawing you are without alot of classes.My goodness!what a blessing from God Himself-I do hope you believe in Him because He sure has blessed you.