Friday, April 28, 2017

Drawing Every Day Learning Every Day

A few pieces that I've done recently ~

Graphite is still my go to medium. It's honestly part of me and will always be *my medium. Although colored pencils that I've experienced with much in the past simply don't seem to have the same effect... they're too soft. 6H is my graphite favorite by far. My work revolves around the delicate fine lines ... this I can achieve with the 6H going up the latter of course for layering. I simply can never get a fine enough line when it comes to colored pencils.

Once the penciling is in place, I almost always now add some watercolors. I've added to my arsenal when it comes to paints and brushes... truly falling in love with the medium more and more each day.

Long  story short, I don't think I'll ever stop learning, truly everyday that I sit down to work on a piece I feel is a learning experience. I'm often told that I am talented. I always say that I chalk it up to lots of practice and a ton of willpower. I can certainly attribute my art to my determination/passion.

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  1. Oh my...your work still astounds me...I was holding one of your prints you posted me in my hands today..such a