Friday, March 13, 2015

A Fantasy Scene for a Kindred Spirit ~ Graphite Pencils and Coffee Staining

I just completed this piece for a very special customer... she is truly a kindred spirit and has the most amazing visions. I used all graphite pencils with just a touch of coffee staining to complete this magical scene. She's sort of a lost soul, searching for a purpose in life. It was hard to see this one go, I get so connected to my work.
  jessica 041


  1. I have always wondered how you, the artists, feel, when separating with your paintings/drawings... This is a very exquisite one!

  2. enchanting
    i would love to walk right into this piece
    i hope you are well Joanna and enjoying spring.

    1. Tammie, you've said it so well, this is just divine!

  3. Joanna, I posted another comment but it disappeared!
    I had said that I come in from time to time, and today is one of those lucky days for me, as I have just found several pieces that I hadn't seen.
    How stunning is this piece, like all of yours, another magical masterpiece!
    As Tammie has so well said, you do invite us to walk into your precious worlds.
    Thank you!