Sunday, January 13, 2013

Is Coffee a Medium?

Just one of the many questions I often ask myself in regards to my art, still feeling like a person who is "impersonating" an artist. I only started using watercolors within the past few years... So the idea of picking up a paint brush at all is still very foreign to me. 

It was my first piece here "Imagine" where I incorporated the greens using watercolor. After finishing her I was left feeling like she needed something else... My thoughts were to incorporate some subtle browns... Having no brown watercolors, I started to think "aha, tea staining, I've heard of that before". Long story short, there were no tea bags in the house either... & being in the moment of creating brewed a cup of coffee & well here you have it. My first pieces using "coffee staining" so whether or not it is an appropriate *art medium*, here I sit still pondering that question...


This was my second attempt... wanting to use more... so, meet my newest favorite piece. She doesn't have a name.... To my surprise she sold less than a day after completing her & listing her in my shop. So now I look at her on my screen thinking... "You weren't mine to begin with... that's why I didn't name you"


Thanks for looking. I really need to blog more! As in all of my recent posts... there just simply isn't enough time in a day!

Wishing all a very magical New Year :)



  1. They are both beautiful Joanna. Apparently if you mix black with orange, then add white of more black you will get various shades of brown. Have a great week, Annette x

  2. hello Joanna,

    so wonderful to see what you have been creating.
    i have used coffee and also red wine, they do seem to be pigments.

    these are lovely to see.

  3. I have seen a lot of watercolor artists using tea and coffee. I think that these two pieces are wonderful.

  4. I didn't know it was even possible for your art to get any cooler or more beautiful, but you've managed it. Love, love, love all of it. You are an amazing and exceptional artist.

  5. You blow me away. And my hubs just looked at all your work and said, "Bad Ass!" He wants you to do a commission piece for us in the summer when we have more money. Wow, you just amaze me, amaze me, amaze me!!!

    So, I am back and I will be visiting more often!

    lots of love!

  6. Yes, please blog more, dear.
    Congratulations on the sell. I wish I could sell faster.

  7. Lovely illustrations. I love the addition of the coffee staining. Adds a warmth to the subject. I've use coffee and tea staining occasionally on unbleached linen and burlap.

  8. Two beautiful pieces of art! Very nice.

    I saw a demonstration years by an artist who used coffee. The demonstration was about values.
    The artist stated that coffee was not lightfast. But you could probably use a protective spray? Dunno.

    Again nice work! You have a great style.

  9. Well i've often dipped my pens into my coffee instead of my paint, lol! Just spotted you on etsy & skipped over here.... love your stuff.... gorgeous. Tell you what you might like.... walnut ink. It comes in crystal form that you dilute, gives delicious browns!!

  10. These are soo beautiful. Do more! :)

  11. It's such a pleasure seeing your lovely work.I love coffee and I also love the beauty of her face.-Denise

  12. wow this is simply amazing :) We only dream of having such a talent

  13. I stumbled upon one of your pieces the other day and I instantly fell in love! I think I favorited 6 or 7 before I realized I could just favorite your whole shop :) Your girls are the definition of loveliness. I know what you mean about feeling like an artist impersonator, but the truth is, normal people can't do what you do! Keep up the fantastic work <3

  14. Joanna, what a delight to find your latest pieces!
    They are, as usual, amazing and a treasure to enjoy.
    Of course coffee is an appropriate art medium, just like tea, it's been used in dyeing for so long, so why not in painting. Of course, you have given it a new dimension, your own take on art that is simply precious.
    Stunning pieces, I'm nor surprised the second one sold in a day, how lucky was the buyer!
    Lots of love Joanna, you're always in my thoughts.