Sunday, April 29, 2012

"I Feel You"

Where do I start with this piece... ? Lets just say that I've never been sicker... (still sick, cough cough) with pneumonia that is, and still couldn't keep from wanting to work on this piece.  I even took a short trip (earlier this month) and all that I could think about was this drawing, this angel... and the story behind her.

I was commissioned to do a heartfelt piece not so long ago and created "Surrender"... I was approached again by him, but this time he was ready to share his oh so painful story... For this piece he wanted me to have creative control, to draw a picture... this time having the story of his life poured into one of my faeries. 

I've never been so inspired and touched during a piece before... how blessed & honored I was to create her.  She spoke to me, she said "I Feel You"...

I Feel You

I Feel You_edited-002


  1. I can't begin to imagine how you must feel after creating one of these,my friend,are the most talented person. You amaze me every time Joanna ...she is

  2. This is so so beautiful,you're so talented!

  3. ...hello ~ may thee be in recovery mode swiftly ~ how sO truly special ~ to work with the different human emotions... ...representations of an earth mama comes to mind ~ a child's sincere expression of heart malaise ~ a feeling of sensitive empathy ~ a journey of souls ~ deep into the depth of midnight ~ an angel torn away ~ within the mists ~ alas my dear sweet kindred ~ much can be gleaned from this evocative image ~ may the soul ~ whom yoU etched this for ~ be given many healing blessings ~ likewise ~ may thee regain wellness ~ and ~ thee also ~ blessed be...

  4. She is so beautiful and breathtaking, and so sad. I don't know how you convey such emotion.

    I am hoping you feel better soon dear.


  5. She is so very full of emotion and beauty. It is wonderful how you capture so much through her eyes and face. I love her wings too, they're gorgeous. I always love your art. It is so feeling! Hope all is well with you and I pray that you are feeling better. Hugs to you!

  6. Oh! My Gosh! Joanna this piece give me chills. I can see the heart ache and pain. It's beautiful! I think you nailed it. Your so talented! I love, love, love your work!

    I hope your feeling better soon!

    xoxo, Lisa

  7. Oh Heavens! Joanna, every time that you create a piece for this guy I can feel his pain, he is so right in asking you to create pieces that represent his feelings, he could not have asked anyone better!

    I am so sorry to see that you're still not well, I hope you recover soon, it's taking too long!
    Thank you for your beautiful art, we're blessed to know you and be able to see the beauty of your creations!

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  9. oh Joanna...the story must be a painful one, i instantly had tears in my eyes with is full of heartbraek and is a stunning piece as alwyas my friend....i feel blessed that i get a chance to see your pieces and i have one of your prints framed in my house, in my room i live in...i get to see it every day...i am one lucky

  10. She's Beautiful! I can feel the pain and sadness. It's so beautiful and sad, a great artist you are. The detail is amazing. Very well done! Happy PPF!

  11. Very awesome and emotional.