Friday, January 20, 2012

"Forget Me Not"

Gosh so much to blog about & not enough time...I've still yet to blog about the little girls monograms that I've completed af few weeks ago.... & there's another piece that I finally completed, she was one of those works that I kept going back & for with... & a logo for all things, a boy scouts camp! It's really a wonderful piece that I can't wait to share.  Like I said, busy !!!

But here I'm going to blog about "Forget Me Not".  She was completed right after I did "Pure".  I felt like she needed a companion. I loved her from the moment the pencil hit the paper till completion of the's just one of those times when you start a piece of art & then from start to finish with no problems, no issues, she just appeared, done, like magic !

Forget me not watermark

I hope to visit everyone really very soon...inspiration is everywhere ! xoxo


  1. She looks so innocent, and as if she's wondering what you think of her. Absolutely beautiful!

  2. Totally gorgeous, her hair is almost too lifelike and her face is quite stunning :)

  3. Totally heavenly girl, love her to bits. Enjoy the weekend, Annette x

  4. She is GOR-geous! I am in love with her soft & pretty.

  5. have i told you....
    how i admire and enjoy the light you present in the eyes in your art?!
    and the awesome hairstyles you create and share with us!?
    beautiful, wonderful, glorious!

  6. ...thankyoU dear kindred for such awesome beauty! ~ a soul journey back to innocence ~ your creative muse whispers ~ joyous radiant light! ~ and yoU capture it perfectly! ~ with love and light and drum kettle kisses! ~ blessed be!...
    ...(thankyoU also for visiting! ~ yoU blew me away with your thoughts! ~ may we have ever sO many more moons to share creative passions!)...
    ...i bequeath a sonnet for thee...

  7. Deep sigh for all the beauty. And fabulously pouty lips ;) xoxo

  8. You have so much talent, I adore your artwork.

  9. You are extraordinary my friend! Love her!