Monday, July 11, 2011


She's *Damsel*  After several weeks of going back & forth...not being entirely happy with the way she was turning out, I finally completed & am pleased with the finished piece! It's just that when I start a piece I have a certain look that I want to achieve, in her face that is, and it just wasn't happening in the beginning. So I took a break here & there & little by little I worked on her...& well, now she is done & is available in my shop as well...

I've called her *Damsel.* She simply reminds me of a girl in waiting, just waiting...

Damsel watermark-1_edited-3


  1. What a delightful piece, she is simply gorgeous! I love the title, it matches the look in her eyes so much. You have such a delicate, individual style!

  2. Joanna she is gorgeous as all your work truly is. I love the look in her eyes!
    Jessi xox

  3. Breath-takingly stunning! I am in awe of your drawing skills! :)
    Jan x

  4. I love your drawings your characters always have such great emotion. She is so hopeful in her waiting and if it doesn't happen I think it will break her heart.........Annette x

  5. Joanna,Thank you for visiting my blog.Yes,Iam big on "IMAGINATION" as Spounge Bob would say(Love Him still).Boy,your talent is awsome.I love looking at it.I will visit often. Denise