Monday, June 13, 2011

My First Art Fair

So nervous leading up to this day. Up until the last minute I thought it would have been cancelled due to rain, but the show went on & so did I. I was so pleased with the way everything turned out, between the easels, the picture frames & the baskets, it all came together just the way I wanted it to.



Me, I'm afraid, looking a little bit like Old Mother Hubbard :/ There was a chill in the air and on & off rain...but my spirits were still high regardless!





The kiddies enjoyed the day as this is their favorite pond, located next to our towns library it's a place we frequent to feed the ducks & take pictures :)



And at the end of the day Maddie made me a picture saying "here mommy, I made you a picture for your special day, but it's not only for you it's for your basket." You see I had a basket to hold my various here she placed it. What more could I ask for...

And to my surprise, to make the day even better, I sold 3 prints!!!


  1. Maddie is an artist too! WOW! Love that you had a great day! and You look beautiful!

  2. It looks as if you had a great day and the children enjoyed themselves as well. Congratulations on selling some of your work.
    You have a beautiful blog and wish I could follow you, but I don't twitter, only Facebook. Annette

  3. I love the background photo for your blog! Awesome!